The Language of Roses: What You’re Really Saying


People in the United States spend $2 billion on flower bouquets and arrangements on Valentine’s Day. 

Roses are one of the most popular flowers on Valentine’s Day, but they are also excellent for other occasions as well. 

Whether it is summer, fall, or winter, you can get someone roses that have true meaning. 

Continue reading to discover all of the different rose color meanings so that you can surprise someone with a bouquet!

Romantic Red

There are several types of red roses that you can find and each of them has their own rose color meanings. 

Dark red and burgundy roses signify beauty. Standard red roses often represent love, beauty, courage, and respect. Many people use red roses for weddings and special occasions. Red roses are a symbol of the words, “I love you” true commitments. 

Passion, respect, and admiration are all brought to light when red roses are in hand. There are various shades of red roses. Darker shades mean passion and respect in rose language. 

Pearly White

White roses represent innocence and new beginnings. They can also signify remembrance and honor. 

If someone you know has recently passed and you want to send flowers, white roses are an excellent choice. They bring back hope and are too beautiful not to notice them. White is also used at wedding ceremonies for the bride. White roses are also ideal when you want to share youthfulness and loyalty. 

Ivory roses look similar to white roses, however, they have a soft pink center. Ivory roses also have a different meaning. They signify thoughtfulness, grace, and charm. 

Perfect Pink

Pink roses are often bought, but have you ever known what they mean?

Light pink roses represent grace, friendship, and sweetness. They are perfect for loved ones and close friends. The normal pink color signifies grace, gentleness, and happiness. Pink roses pair well with yellow and red roses. 

If you are planning an event and want the decor to be elegant and feminine, pink is the best color to go with. These roses come in beautiful shades and can even be found mixed in with other colored roses! 

Happy Yellow

Yellow roses are beautiful and can easily put a smile on someone’s face. 

If you are looking for a rose for a happy occasion, such as a birthday, yellow is the perfect option. Yellow roses are also used to represent new beginnings and friendships. Pair yellow roses with pink and white to send a stronger message. 

The next time that you want to surprise someone with a cheerful gift, be sure to include yellow roses. They brighten up a room and can cheer up someone when they are feeling depressed. 

Exciting Orange

Pink and white roses are used for grace, orange, a much more unique rose, is used for excitement. 

Orange roses typically represent passionate feelings, enthusiasm, and energy. These roses stand out from many other flowers because of their bold color. Use orange roses to liven up a dull bouquet or flower set. They are also ideal for autumn because they match the colors of the leaves. 

Many people use orange roses to congratulate others and admire them for all of their accomplishments. The bright orange color will spread energy and excitement no matter where it is. 

Peaceful Green 

If you are looking for a unique rose that is meant to represent peace and harmony, green is the answer.

Green roses are very light, so much that they are associated with renewal and timeless or undying feelings. These are also perfect flowers to share with someone when you want to wish them prosperity and good health for their future. 

Balance and stability often come to mind when people use green roses. They are a sign of all that is good. 

Soft Peach

Peach roses have a similar meaning to pink, however, they also signify sincerity and gratitude. 

If you want to show someone how much you appreciate them, you can send roses online to wherever they work or live. Peach roses will show them that you are grateful to have them in your life. Pair these roses with light pink and yellow flowers for a beautiful look. 

Many people use peach roses for business deals and when sending sympathy. They are genuine and sincere when used for the correct occasions. 

Mysterious Lavender

Lavender roses are hard to come by, which makes them even more of a unique mystery.

The lavender color represents enchantment and love at first sight. This rose is perfect for enchanting nights and those with a wandering mind. Lavender goes well with white roses because of new beginnings and leaping into the unknown. Buy this rose for that special someone who showed up in your life and has changed it forever and for the better. 

Bold Black

Black roses have long been associated with death and mourning, however, this is beginning to change.

It is becoming common to use black roses when people are at a new point in their life. This is perfect because they are leaving behind their old life and has a more positive perspective. People also like black roses because they promote a feeling of hope and encouragement because of their bold color. 

Do You Know All of the Rose Color Meanings?

There are many different rose color meanings, however, it makes purchasing them much easier. 

By understanding what each color means, you can put together the most meaningful and beautiful bouquet. Each rose can have a purpose and it is specific towards whoever you are buying them for. 

Combine different colored roses to send a message to someone. Pinks and yellows can show how grateful you are while green roses are meant for peace. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about roses and other flowers so that you are ready for any occasion!

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