Month: November 2020

perfect pair of shoes

Dressing for Wide Feet: How to Find the Perfect Pair for Any Occasion

Did you know that eight out of every ten American adults deal with foot pain? A study by the American Podiatric Medical Association concluded that 50% of those with foot pain are restricted in daily activities like walking or standing.  Those with chronic foot pain are also more likely to have other medical issues. 65% […]

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Your Shipping Process More Efficient

How to Make Your Shipping Process More Efficient

If you run a small business, time is money. While there’s a time to have fun, there’s also much more time to work. Running a small business is learning to work around the clock, constantly growing and improving for the sake of your customers. If you’re a small business that ships out products, creating more […]

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Dodge Ram 1500 Review

When Innovation Meets Luxury: 2021 Dodge Ram 1500 Review

Are you considering getting a new car or truck? We’ve all been there. Maybe your beloved wheels have finally given up the ghost and this year is the time to get yourself a new ride. But once you’ve made that choice you might instantly regret it, as there are so many different options on the […]

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Man playing golf

Planning a Golf Tournament: This Is What You Should Do

Did you know that if you play golf regularly, you could have a lower risk of death? It’s true! Not only is this sport relaxing, but it’s a great way to get exercise and spend time with friends.  So, what’s even better than hitting the links for a day? Here’s an idea: Host a golf […]

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Home Builder
Home Improvement

How to Find a Home Builder: 6 Tips You Must Know

The average American moves more than 11 times in their life. Though some of those moves are the result of changes in work, school, or family needs, others are just because the house wasn’t the perfect fit. Finding an existing structure that fits your definition of “dream home” can feel almost impossible. Luckily, there’s a […]

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Staying in Hostels

The Top 7 Tips for Staying in Hostels Every Traveler Should Know

What do you picture when you hear the word “hostel?” A bunch of backpackers crammed into a dorm room? Low-budget travelers cooking Ramen noodles in the shared kitchen? You might think that staying in hostels is only for the very adventurous (or the very broke) travelers. It’s true that many people who stay at hostels […]

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Young athletic man running at park during cold autumn morning

This Is the Difference Between Vitamin D2 and D3

‘Getting some vitamin D!’ is a much-loved phrase every time we step into the sun. But did you know that vitamin D isn’t a singular vitamin, but rather a family of nutrients?  There are two main forms of vitamin D – D2 and D3 – that are present in our diets and are different in […]

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ideal ceiling fan
Home Improvement

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Ceiling Fan

There are a variety of reasons why someone might be interested in buying a new ceiling fan. It could be for aesthetic purposes, cooling reasons, or even to achieve better lighting.  Ceiling fans also use significantly less energy than air conditioners. This means that you can save greatly on your electric bill by using a […]

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Computer Organization

7 Computer Organization Tips and Tricks to Help

Did you know that the average adult in the U.S. spends over 10 hours a day staring at a screen of some kind? Sure, some of that time is spent watching TV or scrolling on a smartphone. But for many people, a huge chunk of those hours are spent looking at a computer screen at […]

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