Is it a good idea to repair or replace a washer?

replace a washer

How would you feel when on a Sunday morning you try to load your washer and it gives a beep sound and doesn’t start working? Irritating, isn’t it? Along with it comes a question ” Should I prefer washer repair or replace the machine immediately”? 

Replacing a washing machine is no big deal. You may get a washer within your budget as low as $300 or as expensive as $1,500. Of course, it is an important decision, but not a costly decision that will create a hole in your wallet. 

There are three simple questions you have to ask yourself before finalizing your decision. Your decision should see that it sends a few dollars to your piggy bank. What are they?

Find out the exact problem with the washer: 

Before heading out to a nearby repair shop, try to comprehend and find out what exactly went wrong. You can save a lot of money if you can follow DIY tips and tricks. You can take out the washer manual and try to fix it yourself. 

These kinds of washer repair problems are simple and economical, while some others require the service of a professional. When you plan to change the motor inside the washer, you can replace the old one with a new one. Instead, if the new motor you have bought just a few days back, and it stops functioning, you have to approach a repair shop.

Some of the problems that don’t need a professional hand to fix: Water value is broken, Belt of the washer has worn out, motor repair, etc.

Some problems that need the help of an expert: When the whole machine has stopped working, dismantling all the parts of the machine can be very difficult. When the tub of the machine is broken and stopped working.

Can repairing the washer be costly: 

Imagine a situation where you can calculate the total repair cost or you have discussed it with the repairman. If the professional has visited your home and has shared the approximate cost with you, consider the amount. If the repair amount is more than half the cost of the new washer, discard the machine. If your machine is new and can be used repairing once or twice, you can continue using the washer for some more time.  

Throw the washer out if replacing the machine would cost you more than buying a new machine. If the cost of repair exceeds half the cost of a new machine, replace the machine. Otherwise, pick your phone and talk to the nearest repair company.

Know the lifespan of the washing machine: 

Every electronic item will have a maximum life span beyond which you can’t stretch its life. The maximum life span of the machine is 11 years. Stretching its life beyond 11 years is not wise. Discard your machine if you have bought the washer before 11 years. 

Otherwise, a simple repair or replacing cheap parts would help you run the show. In other words, if it had been only 7 years, you can use it another 4 years before visiting your nearby shop to buy a new one. Another thing you have to keep in mind is to check the warranty on the machine. If your machine is under warranty period, don’t buy a new one.

How to arrange money for a new one?

There is an excellent formula to finance your unexpected repairs and replacement of electronic items. If you save 1 or 2% of the cost of your washer every year, you can finance the repair cost comfortably. You can avoid unforeseen, waste expenses on washer repair if you do regular maintenance properly.

Change small parts of your washer regularly to extend the life span of your machine. To prevent unnecessary expenses on washer repair, purchase a home warranty. This will take care of unforeseen repair due to regular wear and tear of a machine.

In short,  washer repair is a common problem that irritates many people. When your machine breaks down in the middle of a wash, you fume up very easily. The whole area will be full of water, making it a mess. Whenever your washer cries for help, understand the problem completely. If you can repair it easily, go for it. Otherwise, call a professional repairman to save your machine.

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