How do you make sure your oven lasts longer?

How do you make sure your oven lasts longer?

In today’s world, we are surrounded by various types of electric appliances. These appliances act as a boon to our life as they save time and energy as well. Cooking is a great pleasure and oven is one such invention that makes it easier for us to cook mouth-watering recipes.

Apart from the taste and health when cooking, the cleaning and maintenance of the oven should not be overlooked.

Popular Oven problem and ways to repair them:

1. The range burner not getting heat:

Sometimes range burners stop working and need to be repaired or replaced. If one of your electric burners won’t heat up; we can fix it using these steps:

  • Replace the range burner in case, the working burner heats up because the problem is your burner.
  • In case; the working burner won’t heat up, then first you should check the socket and if it seems to be damaged, then you may need to replace it.
  • If it still doesn’t work, check the infinite switch and replace it if needed.

2. The gas burner is not lighting:

If the burners don’t light, and it’s not the result of a common problem like a power disconnection, you should repair it.

  • Hold up the burner grate, burner cap, and burner base.
  • With the help of a toothpick or some compressed air, make sure to clean the leftover food out of the burner.
  • If there’s a loose connection to the ignition element to the control module, tighten it.

3. The oven is not heating to the correct temperature:

In certain cases, the problem is with the heating element or the temperature sensor.

  • The temperature sensor should keep grab from the inside wall of the oven.
  • With the help of an ohmmeter, make sure the sensor is working properly and the resistance is directly proportional to the temperature of the oven.
  • Try replacing the sensor in case you suspect that it is not working correctly.
  • Replace the heating element, in case it’s not working.
  • Renovate the oven in case everything has been checked and replaced.
  • Set the temperature of over to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. With the help of an oven thermometer, check the temperature twice or thrice after every 20 minutes consecutively. 
  • Divide the number of readings you took to the sum of the temperature readings, to get the average temperature of the oven.
  • Adjust the temperature of the over, as per the need.

4. The interior light stop working: –

Just like the bulb, we use in our home, the interior light of the oven also get infelicitous. These are the ways to replace it:

  • The bulb cover can be removed by turning it in the counterclockwise direction.
  • Pull out the old bulb.
  • Finally, replace the malfunctioning bulb with a new one

Nextly, here are a few tips, using which it can be ensured that your oven lasts longer than average, and get oven repair for less amount when it does fail.

  • Get an Appliance warranty for your oven:

Whenever you buy any electric appliances, make sure you get an appliance warranty because when the time comes when your oven does fail from normal wear and tear, a warranty can save you hundreds of rupees to oven repair or replace the unit. Appliance warranties can save you money when the appliances in your home reach the end of their lifespans.

  • Keep it in the correct position: 

According to, it is the key to making sure your oven lasts longer. Follow the instructions that will direct you that how far from the wall the microwave should be placed, taking the air vents in your appliance into account. A good rule of thumb, according to, is to keep the side and back about 7 cm from a wall.

  • Don’t cover with foil: Don’t cover your oven’s burners or drip pans with foil. The foil reflects heat and can make your oven unevenly or melt internal components.
  • Don’t use metal scrapers: when scraping off burned or cooked-on food from the oven, do not use a metal scraper. Instead, use a plastic scraper to keep the protective coating in place.
  • Don’t spray knobs: Never spray cleaner directly on your oven’s knobs. The cleaner can get into the electrical components of the oven and cause corrosion or shorts.
  • Clean oven filters: Make sure to clean the oven’s filters in the range hood or on the stovetop. Removing grease can help your oven be more efficient.
  • Don’t self-clean: Never use the self-cleaning feature on your oven it heats up your oven to extremely high temperatures to burn off cooked-on food, but these high temperatures can melt the internal components 

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