What Should You Have in Your Wardrobe This Summer?

spring-summer collection

Since spring follows the fall, many people make the mistake of wearing their March wardrobe during the spring. You might be able to get through the cold transitional weather with your winter wardrobe, but if you do not change your wardrobe before the spring-summer fully sneaks in, you will be sweating like anything for choosing the improper wardrobe.

Today, we are going to discuss the dos and don’ts of styling yourself during the spring.

Bring in your spring fabric

There might be occasional chilly nights when you will need some warm clothes, but barring that, the cable-knit sweaters, the wool blazers, and the thick cotton shirts will be too much to wear during the spring. Instead, the fabrics you should choose for the spring are cotton, linen, and silk. Wear summer weight clothes made of breathable, synthetic materials and unlined/ partially lined coats, and more breathable jackets during the summer.

Choose a lighter palette for your clothes instead of a brighter one for your spring-summer collection

You must have often heard people say bright colors are the perfect colors for summer, but they are not. If you want to, you can surely wear them, but your wardrobe color palette should majorly depend on your comfort zone. Choosing a shade or two lighters from your winter wardrobe for your neutrals will do the magic. For example, choose washed blue cargo shorts instead of dark indigo shorts, or T-shirts online of light grey instead of a darker one.

Wear layers

The spring also has unpredictable chilly days. So, make sure to let your pieces keep you warm on such chilly days. Besides providing you with warmth, layering your clothes also adds depth to your outfit and helps you stand out from the basic jeans and t-shirt look. 

Swap your style according to the weather

While a fur-lined parka coat is perfect for the winters, it is not a good spring-summer choice. You can swap options for a parka with the Mackintosh, or as it is popularly known as the Mac, it is perfect for your spring style option. They are light for the spring-summer season but also have tailor details like overcoats. You can throw it on top of a shirt and formal pants and be ready for work. While khaki is a classic color, you can also choose colors like spring black and navy blue.

Wear light-washed denim instead of dark selvedge denim for the summer. You will often notice that the light-washed denim costs more than the former. They get treated with more chemicals and need more hand sanding and getting rolled in big drums. Since more work goes into it, it is more costly. But in exchange, you get a perfect pair of jeans that you can wear for years.

Wear cotton trousers to work instead of wool trousers

Cotton trousers are different from chinos. While chinos have a more casual look with the choice of fabric and the cuts of the side pockets, cotton trousers are simply trousers made of cotton instead of wool. You can begin with neutral colors like olive, grey, navy blue before you begin to experiment.

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