Ways to Monitor Someone’s Computer Without Them Knowing

Ways to Monitor Someone’s Computer Without Them Knowing

Are you looking for ways to secretly monitor someone’s computer? There is monitoring software that enables users to keep tabs on the computer usage of someone without them knowing. Once you install the software on the targeted computer you can monitor and operate it via the web-based control panel. The software is usually intended for parents and business persons to keep tabs on computer usage of children and employees. We have discussed here the most powerful computer tracking software that allows monitoring someone else’s computer without them knowing.

TheOneSpy Computer Tracking Software

There are several software applications that claim to provide a monitoring solutions for Windows and MAC computers. Each software application offers different features providing variant results to the user. We have discussed here how the user can keep track of a desktop or laptop computer using TheOneSpy. The program is developed for the child and employee monitoring enabling parents to remotely supervise the digital behavior of their concerned ones. 

There is a user-friendly installation process after which you can monitor any computer with ease. You can find out what your concerned person is doing on the monitored system and what he has done before. The device can be supervised without physical possession through the web-based control panel of TheOneSpy. Read on to know how you can track Windows and Mac desktop and laptop computers. 

Track Windows Computers

Do you want to track a Windows computer? The Windows surveillance software of TheOneSpy offers the most advanced features to remotely supervise activities performed on any computer running the latest versions of the Windows operating system. You can supervise desktop and laptop personal computers of your children and workers without having access. Given are the features of the Windows surveillance solution.

Screen Recording

If you are tracking your workers’ Windows computers, you can detect unproductive and disloyal workers. The surveillance software lets you witness the real-time computer activities of your employees by getting their screens recorded. You can witness and record the actions of any worker involved in misconduct.

Browsing History & Bookmarks

Do you supervise the internet activities of your kids and employees? It is highly important to monitor internet usage to prevent your kids and workers from unproductive and unwanted acts. The software lets you access the browsing history of the targeted Windows computer. It also provides access to Bookmarks, so you could recognize frequently visited webpages. 

Online Data Backup

You cannot only use the monitoring software to keep track of someone else’s activities but it can also be used to create an online backup of important data. You can upload important information to the online storage of TheOneSpy to secure and retrieve whenever needed.   

GPS Location

Want to know the whereabouts of your target? The computer spyware program lets you find out the current location of your concerned individual. It shows the GPS location of the monitored Windows device no matter if the GPS of that device is active or inactive. 

Track MAC Computers

Do you want to monitor the MacBook of your little one? The Mac monitoring solution of TheOneSpy lets you track Mac machines in the most user-friendly way. You can keep tabs on any computer running MAC operating system version 10.5 to 10.12. The web-based control panel of the software not just allows monitoring activities performed on the targeted MAC device but it also lets you control several functions of the device. Read on to know about the core features of the software.


The microphone of the targeted MAC machine can be turned on via an online control panel to listen to the surrounding sounds.

Camera Bug

Want to see what is happening in the surrounding of the target device? The spy software lets you see what is happening in the vicinity of the MAC device by turning on the camera.


The actions performed on the targeted desktop or laptop computers in form of screenshots with a single command sent via a web portal.

Website Blocking

The surveillance software allows blocking access to unproductive websites to enhance the efficiency of employees. 


The software records all strokes applied to the keyboard of the targeted MAC machine. It also includes key logs of passwords.

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