PPC VS SEO – Which one works better for your business?


Gautam Goyal from Houston says that the SEO vs PPC debate is going for years. Which is better; buying the way to top the search engine searches through the Pay per click (PPC) campaign or working hard and cultivating the organic or natural search engine marketing strategy through the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. 

Deciding where the digital marketing spending should go is difficult for many business owners to decide and often leave people wondering which on is the better strategy. 

Can there be a right or wrong answer? Or could it be both? To make a proper decision, Gautam Goyal Houston brings you this article to understand the pros and cons of both SEO and PPC and also at last to decide which one is best for your business. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is often referred to natural or organic lead generation. In general terms, SEO consists of optimizing the web pages to enhance the website’s position in the search engine results. Organic SEO includes ensuring that the search engine spiders can understand what content is on your web pages and hence, ideally they will rank you site higher than the other competitors. 

Advantages of SEO

  • Organic SEO is cost effective and the labor costs of setting and managing PPC campaign are usually equal or even more that the labor costs of SEO. There different exists when continuous click charges are levied with PPC campaigns. 
  • Organic SEO is long lasting that is optimized site can keep you at a high position in the search results long after turning the PPC campaign off. 
  • SEO is relatively stable where PPC ad positions continuously keep changing according to the competitors’ bidding tactics. A site having good link authority and excellent content can hold its SEO position if you wish to step away from it for a month. 

Disadvantages of SEO 

  • SEO is slow when compared to PPC. It can take months to optimize the startup where in PPC you start immediately. 
  • SEO is an ongoing process where your site never becomes 100% optimized. You need to keep on optimizing more and more to get better ranking. 

Pay per click (PPC)

While you purchase clicks or visitors from Google or other search engines, it is known as pay per click advertising. PPC allows the owners to quickly influence the search engine traffic by bidding or paying for the keywords related to what you are selling or which services you are providing. 

Advantages of PPC

  • Least waiting, once your PPC campaign starts, your work will immediately start and you will see more traffic, clicks and conversions. SEO can take months for the same work and to see your site moving up. 
  • PPC is controllable and scalable meaning you can set your budget and get a decent idea regarding how many leads you will get in return. This helps to have an accurate budget for your digital marketing tactics. 

Disadvantages of PPC

  • You have to pay more to get more results and ideally the expense is equal to better income. The competition for keywords had never been so great. It means you will have to pay more for the same results you are getting now. 
  • PPC is like a faucet meaning once you turn it off, it stops giving you leads. If you suddenly need to diver your PPC budget to something else, you cannot survive with the leads you were getting while you paid for PPC. On the other hand SEO is long lasting and it can survive without any expense or payments. 

Which is better? SEO or PPC. 

Which one is better? Well, this totally depends on your budget and industry. Ideally both SEO and PPC campaign tend to bead to best results for a business. You will quickly see more clicks and leads coming to you with pay per click while your business might have to wait for the SEO efforts to pay off. 

If you have good budget, you see an immediate impact through PPC. Engaging PPC campaign will give you fastest results but it can still make some time and trial and error to home in on ads that convert without getting overpaid for results. 

If you have a longer time in mind and don’t wish to see immediate results. Hence SEO efforts can offer a few of the best results and return over time. You won’t need to always pay for the traffic and leads or come up with new ads to combat Ad blindness. 

However, a well thought marketing plan combining both can help you to lead to best overall outcome. 


These were a few major points showing the meaning, advantages and disadvantages of both PPC and SEO. Gautam Goyal Houston at the end also made conclusions over which one to use or to use both together. Hence decide accordingly and get the best output. 

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