Know-How to Get the Free Subscribers for YouTube

Know-How to Get the Free Subscribers for YouTube

Are you an upcoming and budding YouTuber who wants to know how he can gain subscribers? Well, isn’t that the main goal of every budding youtube artist? Hence, no matter what kind of hacks you follow, are you not able to make up for subscribers? YouTube is a place where you can set yourself up and then you can try to help a lot of people in making an informed decision about what they should buy or what they should do. Here is what you can do to achieve what you wanted to achieve.

Try making frequent videos

When you want to get more subscribers, you need to be visible or there is a need to be relevant. Having subscribers mean that when you upload, they will be updated via notifications that a new video has been updated. Or, a new video might have popped up on their feed. Hence, to keep things going and to retain the customers, you need to be able to stay on top by frequently uploading videos. There is a requirement for you to build a long term relationship with your viewer. Hence, you should pick a day where you are going to post the video. This should happen consistently so that the viewers can remember when your video will come out without even the notification. Watching your videos should be a regular habit for them.

Make a Channel Trailer

Don’t you want your people to know what your channel is about? Make a channel trailer for your viewers! What a channel trailer is a brief highlight reel about who you are and what kind of videos make. Why should the viewers continue to follow your channel? This is what the channel trailer talks about. You want to build some curiosity so put on your creative hat on and gets the ball rolling. Be smart to give away only things that will cause curiosity but not the whole picture. Keep changing the trailer. You sure want to upgrade yourself every time, right? Check your fellow YouTubers how they have made their own trailers. You can create one using some inspiration from them. You need to make a good channel trailer to get free subscribers.

Make it easy for your subscribers

When the viewers are taking interest in your videos, don’t you think you should make their experience easier? When people are taking interest to watch your videos, make it easy for them to subscribe. When there is a chance of people subscribing, then grab it to make annotations throughout the video so that they can subscribe immediately. You may think it is a cliché dialog but remember guys, you need to encourage your viewers to like, share and subscribe to your channel in order for you to increase engagement and grow far more subscribers. This way, you are connecting with them in a personal way and you give them a reason to subscribe your channel.

Make videos that your audience asks for 

So, when you make content for your viewership you need to make sure that you make something that interests them. Ask insights and they will tell you what they want from you. This way, you will know that you are retaining your target audience and they will keep on consuming your content. If you are creating content for your viewers, they will keep on seeking help from your videos.

Edit attractive thumbnails for your videos

Though this may seem easier, it is a lot tougher to edit a good thumbnail. Yes, your thumbnail needs to look aesthetic and good quality and they are one of the most deciding factors of a video to be clicked and viewed. We are asking you to make it attractive but don’t make a clickbait one. Your thumbnail needs to be related to the content you have made in the video. You are not supposed to mislead your viewers with your videos. That will only make things worse. Also, keep checking on the competition you have and try to take inspiration from other successful influencers who are doing good thumbnails.


So to sum it up, you need to post videos regularly. What sense does it make for a person to subscribe to your channel if you haven’t posted over a year? It doesn’t make sense to subscribe to some channels where you are not getting any regular content. Next, when you are making more content, it means you are making more quality video content. You need to try and get free subscribers and you need to build your base slowly and steadily. Keep the viewers wanting more content and do not use all your talent at once. Keep using it to create a series. Overall, try consistently to post and check your competition too. Follow YouTube SEO very seriously because this plays a major role in ranking your videos and being recommended to the viewers. 

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