How to Coupon: A Simple Guide for Beginners

How to Coupon

Are you feeling the pain of paying full price?

It’s time to discover the benefits of coupons like millions of your fellow shoppers.

How much can you save?

Studies find that consumers save between $30 to $50 on average per week. You could save $2,600 or more annually with smart and strategic coupon tips! That’s money you could save for a vacation, new computer, or college fund.

There’s an art to couponing, and you’re about to find out what millions of consumers already know. Learn how to coupon in this quick and easy starter guide.

1. Put In the Work

Successful couponing requires planning, diligence, and dedication. Coupons are fleeting, so you have to keep your eyes open for new deals. Start by keeping a detailed coupon log.

There are several ways to approach couponing. You could assess your needs for one shopping trip, seasonal needs, or annual and long-term needs.

Let’s say you have an old microwave. It has a few hiccups but still works, so don’t have an immediate need for a new microwave right away. However, that 40% off stackable coupon may not be around when you need it most.

Grocery store coupons are ideal for immediate needs, while appliance and home improvement are good for products you may need a year from now.

Bed and bath coupons are great for both immediate and long-term needs. Assess your current toiletries. Despite having a full tube, you don’t want to miss out on a “buy one get one free” coupon for your favorite toothpaste.

Don’t wait until you’re out of your items to replenish. You’re likely passing up some killer deals!

2. Discover New Store and Opportunities

It’s tempting to only look for coupons to your favorite stores and items. Savvy couponers search for coupons from every company to discover the best value and savings. You may find your new favorite brand!

There are a few ways to discover new coupon sources. First, start with the old fashioned way. Sift through junk mail, the morning paper, local publications, and catalogs to find coupons. The Sunday paper is known for having the best coupons of the week.

Mailers and newspapers are great for finding local deals, but what about online stores? There’s a whole world of savings online, and many of today’s coupons are exclusive online-only promo codes.

3. Coupon Reviews and Databases

Put your research cap on and dig into wedosavings reviews to discover online coupons you’ve never heard of before. Reviews are excellent because you learn more about the value and quality of the deal.

There are countless coupons online. Start with a preferred item, and comb through coupon databases for the best deals on that singular item. Look at the fine print, and prioritize juicy coupons like manufacturer coupons, stackable coupons, rebates, and buy one get one free.

Always join a free loyalty points program when you can. With enough coupons and loyalty points, you could pay $0 at checkout.

Learn How to Coupon to Save Big

Saving money with coupons has never been easier or more necessary. You never know when a financial disaster could strike. Learn how to coupon to safeguard your future.

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