Dressing for Wide Feet: How to Find the Perfect Pair for Any Occasion

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Did you know that eight out of every ten American adults deal with foot pain? A study by the American Podiatric Medical Association concluded that 50% of those with foot pain are restricted in daily activities like walking or standing. 

Those with chronic foot pain are also more likely to have other medical issues. 65% suffer from back pain and 52% deal with knee pain. Surprisingly, about 48% would seek information from the internet before going to a podiatrist. 

Foot pain can be caused by many different issues. People with wide feet often suffer the most because they struggle to find the right shoes for their feet. Keep reading to learn how to find the perfect shoe if you have wide feet. 

Shop Natural Not Synthetic 

When shopping for wide shoes it’s important to opt for natural materials over synthetic. Authentic leather and suede shoes are perfect for those with wide feet because these materials stretch with wear over time. 

Leather and suede are perfect shoes for fancier occasions. They’ll become more comfortable with time but make sure you always choose the wide size. These shoes are worth investing in because they’re meant to last. 

The problem with synthetic materials is that their lack of breathability can lead to swelling and can make your wide feet feel even more uncomfortable throughout the day. 

Heel Height Is Crucial 

If you have wide feet finding comfortable heels can be hard but it’s important to choose a heel height for optimal style and comfort. Block heels are perfect for those who are less familiar with walking in heels and want to avoid pain and discomfort. 

Wide lower-heeled shoes are also a better option to prevent swelling. You want to avoid the tall, thin heels because these don’t have the best support for your feet. 

Try the Versatile Ballet Flats 

When shoe shopping you should consider getting a pair of wide fitting ballet flats. These flats won’t just give the appearance of slimmer feet but they can be worn for a variety of occasions. You can wear them to a casual day out or a fancier occasion at night and they’re also incredibly comfortable. 

Pointed toe flats are also a great option that can be worn to work or a night out as well. While these shoes might seem a bit uncomfortable for the toes, wider fits are available for those with wider feet. This style of shoe, any type of flats really, is the easiest to find and will provide the most comfort. 

Try Out Different Brands Until You Find Your Favorite

Certain brands or stores specialize in wide fit styles of shoes while others offer a variety of models that tend to fit your wide feet better. Shop around until you find a brand that offers the perfect fit without compromising style. 

Find the Perfect Wide Sneakers 

Finding the right wide sneakers can be difficult. This is especially important because you don’t want to be uncomfortable and experience foot pain while working out or walking. 

When it comes to sneakers for casual days out, opt for a canvas material. These offer support for your feet to avoid pain. 

In terms of workout shoes, wide Crossfit shoes are the best option. These shoes offer sturdiness as well as breathability for optimal comfort while doing a variety of exercises. This ensures that you’re able to push yourself to the fullest potential in your physical training. 

Choose Open Sides Instead 

Open-toed shoes are great for those hot summer months. Many people with wider feet would prefer to keep their toes hidden, however. The perfect solution is to choose open side shoes instead. 

These shoes are stylish and provide comfort and breathability to prevent pain and swelling. These shoes are the perfect option for wider feet!

Try Them On

Finding the right shoe size requires you to try on the shoes before buying them. Many people with wide feet prefer not to try on shoes for fear of stretching them out if they choose not to purchase. 

This is a big mistake because you’ll never find the perfect pair of shoes if you don’t try them on first. Try on the shoes you’ve been eyeing in the store before buying. Walk around on the carpet to see how you feel, don’t buy them if they feel too tight. 

Never Choose Narrow Shoes 

The perfect fit when it comes to those with wider feet can be a bit harder to find. Never choose narrow shoes even if they’re the most beautiful ones in the store because your feet will suffer the most. 

While materials like suede and leather do stretch with wear, shoes that aren’t specifically created for wide feet can cause unwanted swelling. 

Slip-On Shoes Are Great 

Slip-on shoes are versatile in design, color, and work great for every occasion. They’re also readily available in a wide fit for those who have wider feet.

With the variety of designs and colors, they’re also great for both men and women. Slip-on sneakers are a great choice for a casual day out or can even be worn to work if styled the right way. 

Adjustable Buckles Are the Best 

Adjustable buckles whether on heels or sandals are one of the best features for shoes because they can make them fit more comfortably on wider feet. These shoes will provide more stability and can be adjusted if your feet swell so that you always have a perfect fit.

How to Choose the Perfect Shoes for Wide Feet

Finding the right shoes for wide feet can be difficult but our guide provides the best advice so you can find the perfect shoes for any occasion. Natural materials and open side shoes provide breathability for optimal comfort.

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