8 of the Most Amazing Places to Go Off-Roading

Off roading gives you a rush of excitement like no other. Getting to travel off the paved roads and onto dirt paths, trails, and hidden back roads is an experience everyone should have at least once in their life. After off roading for the first time, however, you’re sure to go back again! 

One of the most fun things about this type of experience is finding new places to go off roading. Do you know where to go off roading? Do you have a few options near you to choose from?

Have you thought about visiting places to off road out of your state? 

In the guide below, you’ll travel to several different states and all of their best places for your off roading adventure! Continue reading below to start your journey. 

1. Michigan: Upper Peninsula 

Right beyond the Mackinaw Bridge lies Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. You’ll soon find yourself in a forest with many miles of trails. For the more experienced off-roaders, try a trial on Drummond Island. 

It’ll challenge you with its rough terrain and narrow trails. Otherwise, there are plenty of other less-challenging options to choose from. During your off-roading adventure here, you’ll come across a large waterfall, rivers, beaches, and railroad tracks. 

There’s so much to do and see while on this off-roading location, so be sure to plan for an entire day of adventure. 

2. Texas: Hidden Falls Adventure Park

At Hidden Falls Adventure Park in Texas, there are 240 miles of trails to explore. There are even trails for all sorts of vehicles, ranging from motorcycles to trucks and everything in between. You can also find a variety of trail types as well.

Some trails are hard-packed dirt, while others are made up of rocks. There are also soft-dirt trails and a bit rocky dirt trails as well. When planning your off-roading trip here, do be sure to pack some swimsuits. Natural springs and waterfalls will have you ready to jump in and cool off!

Some other awesome hobbies to consider while here are fishing and mountain biking. Because there’s so much to do, it might be best to pack up the camper or RV and camp out! If you don’t have a camping vehicle, then don’t worry. 

There are cabins and sports equipment available for rent.

3. Arizona: Grand Canyon 

The Grand Canyon is one of those places everyone should have on their bucket list. It’s a must-see before leaving this earth. Fortunately, it’s also a great place to go off roading! 

At the bottom of the canyon, there are several trails for off roading. Because it’s such a popular destination, there are tour guides in the area offering tours of the canyon as well. These are the perfect people to ask about the best off-roading trails in the canyon. 

If you want to stay overnight in the canyon, then there are ranches open you can rent. While there, don’t forget to plan a hike up to the top of the canyon where you can overlook all of its beauty. 

4. Idaho: Sawtooth National Recreation Area

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy all your favorite hobbies including off roading, then Sawtooth National Recreation Area in Idaho is the perfect place for you. Here, you can fish, whitewater raft, hike, and watch a variety of wildlife. 

If you want to spend time in the swimming hole or the hot spring, then be sure to book your stay at the Baumgartner Campgrounds! Another great thing about off roading here is you have options for advanced off-roaders and those with basic off-roading skills. 

5. California: Death Valley National Park

When off roading in the winter or springtime, be sure to check out Death Valley National Park in California. The weather is more comfortable during these seasons, and you can prepare to have a great off-roading trip! Here, you can find about 1,000 miles of both paved and dirt roads to explore.

This location is also home to many other interesting finds, such as the famous Modoc Mine and the famous Manson Ranch as well. 

6. Pennsylvania: Bald Eagle State Forest 

Not only is the Bald Eagle State Forest in Pennsylvania home to plenty of off-roading trails, but it’s also home to many water trails as well. If able, be sure to bring your kayak along with your off-roading bike or ATV. There are several different trails to choose from and you can find the perfect one for just about any type of off-roading vehicle you have.

For motorcyclists, you’ll want to check out some of the amazing single tracks! 

7. Colorado: Grand Junction

Grand Junction in Colorado is a great place to visit if you like to try out different sorts of trails, terrain, and challenges. Here, you can play in the mud at the Grand Mesa trail. You can also climb up hills of soft terrain on Road 29. 

If you want to make things a bit bumpy and drive over rocky roads, then you can do that here as well. The best part about it is that all of these different trails and terrain are all located within a fairly short distance of one another!

8. Georgia: Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest 

If you own a Jeep, then you’re going to want to take it to one of the 80 Jeep trails located in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest. This forest is made for beginner off-roaders and advanced off-roaders alike. 

You can take your time exploring the scenery while traveling down a dirt path. You can get dirty and head out on a mud trail. If you’re feeling adventurous, then be sure to take a rocky trail for fun bumps and jumps!

Do be sure to find the best off road rims for your vehicle before deciding to take the more rocky and bumpy trails. 

Check Out These Places to Go Off Roading 

Off-roading adventures are unlike any other type of adventure. They’re exciting, thrilling, and make for an awesome family day. When deciding where to take your off-roading vehicle next, be sure to mark a few places off this list. 

Once you’ve visited these places to go off roading, you can then begin to find even more trails to explore!

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