7 Benefits Of High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training

We all know that exercising is the holy grail of being fit in today’s era. No matter how good your diet is, you need to incorporate a daily exercise routine to lose fat and build muscles. However, according to a survey, more than 30% of people are not able to build an exercise regimen due to a heavy workload. If you relate with it, then HIIT is there for your rescue. High-intensity interval training or HIIT is a short interval workout that can be done within a few minutes. The most interesting thing about HIIT workouts is that you get maximum benefit in minimum time. Here are seven benefits of high-intensity interval training.

Burn Massive Calories In Little Time

With high-intensity interval training, you can burn calories quickly. According to research, HIIT burns 30% more calories than any other kind of workout when done for 30 minutes. However, candidates did HIIT exercises for 20 seconds with 40 seconds of rest. It is only one-third of the time spent doing exercises compared to other workouts.

Works On Metabolism

HIIT works on your metabolism even after you are done doing the workout. This means you are working on your fitness even when you are not exercising. It increases your metabolic rate with only 2 minutes of exercises such as sprints etc. Hence, additional calories are burned throughout the day.

Aids Fat Loss

We all look for fat loss when we start our fitness or weight loss journey. HIIT helps you in losing fat and reduce the waist circumference effectively. If you commit to three HIIT sessions of 20 minutes each per week, then you can easily lose 2 kgs of body fat in 2.5 months. 

Build Muscle

Many people who work out without any awareness end up losing both weight and muscles. This makes the body weak and tired. With high-intensity interval training, you will build muscles for strength and lose weight simultaneously. As a result, the muscle gain is quite minimal and does not make you look bulky but instead fitter and lean.

Improves Oxygen Use

Oxygen utilisation means how much your muscles can use the oxygen in your system. Workouts such as HIIT aim at improving oxygen consumption for fit muscles. Like traditional endurance training, high-intensity interval training offers the same benefits but in a shorter time.

Better Heart Health

HIIT not only regulates your heart rate but also brings your blood pressure to optimum levels. Therefore, overweight people can benefit from HIIT in reducing their heart rate effectively. Usually, obese people experience this benefit of high-intensity interval training rather than someone who is already into fitness for a long time.

Reduces Blood Sugar Levels

High-intensity interval training is quite beneficial for people looking to regulate their sugar levels and insulin resistance. Just a few times a week for at least two and a half months can give you the desired result. Therefore, HIIT works not only making you look lean but fit from the inside as well.


High-Intensity interval training can get you the results that you desire without giving you much time. It may be difficult to find time to stay fit in this fast-paced world, but choosing HIIT can make a significant difference.

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