5 Thesis Writing Tips to Rock Finals Week With


It’s one of the toughest parts of being a college student—writing your final thesis. Are you ready for the challenge?

A thesis, or dissertation, is a document most college students write within their final year of study. It’s usually a research paper or essay where you outline an original idea and back it up with plenty of research and examples.

It’s a way of combining your years of study into a comprehensive document, showcasing your original thinking and research skills.

However, it’s not always an easy document to write. To help you out, keep reading to find five thesis writing tips to ensure you nail your assignment!

1. Organization Is Key

One of our top tips for writing a thesis paper is to be organized. Writing a paper is a massive undertaking, so to get it turned in on time, you need to plan ahead.

Do not try to pull an all-nighter the day before! Instead, make out a schedule for the project, starting at the due date and going back to the day you’ll get started. It’s a good idea to use a planner or online time management software to schedule blocks of time each day, or a few times a week, to dedicate to research and writing.

If you have your time blocked out, it’s easier to know where you need to be and when, making it simpler to manage your busy schedule.

It can help to add in some extra days of writing time into your schedule, in case you get sidetracked by illness or family commitments.

2. Break It Down Into Small Pieces

Every task or project can be overwhelming when you first start thinking about it—how on earth can you come up with an original idea and then write 10,000+ words on it?

Yes, a big project is too much to handle–so break it down into tiny chunks. First, you’ll need to brainstorm ideas and think of a topic.

Then, come up with a thesis statement, which will outline your topic and your main points. Here’s how to write a thesis statement if you’re unsure.

Next, start doing your research and come up with an outline for your thesis, broken down by chapters—each chapter should represent one of your main ideas.

After that, it’s time to start writing! Set small goals and celebrate when you reach them, as this can be motivation to get to work.

For example, for every hour of writing you get done, treat yourself to a coffee or a break to browse social media.

3. Look After Your Mental Health

Pressure and stress are one of the hardest parts of college life. 55% of college students actually report that academics is the biggest cause of stress in their life.

The huge task of writing your thesis is sure to cause at least a little stress in your life, so it’s important to look after your mental health and wellbeing.

While some students turn to partying and drinking while coping with the stress of writing a thesis, this is only going to cause a hangover that delays your productivity.

Instead, try to manage your stress in a healthier way. It can help to eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep, exercise, and make time for things you enjoy, like seeing friends or enjoying a hobby.

If you’re ever having a day where you just can’t get any writing done, you may want to walk away and come back to it the next day, with a fresh mind.

4. Access Support from Your Thesis Advisor

Most colleges assign a thesis advisor to help you with the assignment, so one of our biggest master thesis writing tips to make use of your advisor!

They are there to help you, so don’t be afraid to reach out with any questions or issues. Many students neglect this important resource, so improve your thesis by asking for help when needed.

While the school may have limits on what they can and can’t help with, your advisor can explain how much they’re able to help.

5. Don’t Neglect Formatting and Editing

After you’ve finished writing, you’re done—right? Not so fast, as you still need to edit and format the paper, as per the university’s requirements.

This can take longer than you think, so plan enough time to account for editing. You may also need to get the document professionally printed and bound, which may take a few days.

It can be harder than you think to edit your own writing, but free editing apps like Grammarly can help. Or, if your budget allows, you may want to hire an editor to look over the document.

Editing and formatting can make the difference between an A and a B, so it’s the essential last step in the process of writing your thesis.

Impress Your Professor With These Thesis Writing Tips

With these thesis writing tips, you’re sure to ace your big assignment. Use the ideas above to formulate a plan for your thesis, ensuring you have plenty of time to research, write, edit, and finalize everything.

While the process is sure to be challenging, the satisfaction of handing in a well-written thesis is one of the best feelings in the world! Get started today and you’ll be on track to completing one of the biggest projects of your academic life.

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